SURVEY RESULTS for future topics of Open Science Retreats

Ranking of topics we suggested:

  1. Reform on Research Assessment in the context of Open Science
  1. The agility of commercial infrastructures versus the sluggishness of institutional infrastructures – How do we design innovative and user-centered community-owned infrastructures?
  2. Reproducible research and Open Science
  3. Crisis and finance: Is there a risk for Open Science / the Open Science movement in the hands of institutional funding agencies?
  4. Open washing – risk for Open Science or opportunity?

From the variety of topics mentioned by the participants of the survey, we were able to derive the following topic clusters:

  •  Dimensions of Open Science
  •  Open Science in different Disciplines/Sectors
  •  Open Science in Developing Nations
  •  Qualification & Skills / New Roles
  •  Legal Issues in Open Science
  •  Policy Issues related to Open Science
  •  Open Science and Indigenous Knowledge
  •  Diversity Aspects in Open Science
  •  Open Science and Blockchain/Ledger Technologies
  •  Language Issues in Open Science